Creating a website with CRM (Customer Relationship Management) functionality involves integrating CRM features into your website to manage interactions with customers, leads, and other contacts. There are several ways to achieve this, depending on your specific needs and preferences. Here’s a general guide on how you can create a website with CRM functionality:

Someone somebody submits a form we collect that information and compile it into a mailing list.

We can then then use that mailing list to create an email campaign.

We have the clients name email address and some other basic information about some services they might be interested in.

Based on that we can send out an email to a group of customers interested in a specific service.

For instance I have a client in holistic therapy that offers yoga. So anybody who indicated an interest in that service on the form we can send them an email. That focuses specifically on yoga.

So they would receive an email that says something like hey Matt we have some specials are special offers this month for yoga, click here for more information.

That would take them to a page on their website where they had some specific specials or something they could sign up for for that service.

Using the CRM such as MailChimp or a constant contact we can even tell how many emails were opened and how many were clicked.

This is something that can be easily implemented on any kind of website for really any kind of business

These types of personalized emails have been proven to be extremely effective in getting clicks and converting visitors into customers.